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Eric Clapton Quotes

Eric Clapton Quotes & Quotations
Eric Clapton
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    Although they can do it all the time, you know, they're far better than me, on a musically, on a theoretical music level. You know, they're out of my league. Eric-ClaptonEric Clapton
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    I don't have half the nerves there that I have anywhere else. Eric-ClaptonEric Clapton
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    I just managed to convince my grandmother that it was a worth while that was something to do, you know, and when I did finally get the guitar, it didn't seem that difficult to me, to be able to make a good noise out of it. Eric-ClaptonEric Clapton
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    I mean, it didn't matter to me that there were people, it didn't matter that I was shy Just the sound was so captivating that it helped me to get rid of those inhibitions. Eric-ClaptonEric Clapton
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    I mean, the sound of an amplified guitar in a room full of people was so hypnotic and addictive to me, that I could cross any kind of border to get on there. Eric-ClaptonEric Clapton
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    It was a mystery to me, how the tuning was, or the style seemed to come out of nowhere, it obviously had roots in America going way back, there was nothing like it for me I'd ever seen before. Eric-ClaptonEric Clapton
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    Leave bands, go back to obscurity if I choose to, without a great sense of loss of security because it's all been based on the fact that I did it on my own or was doing, enjoying doing it on my own in the first place. Eric-ClaptonEric Clapton
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    Oh yeah, I mean, it wasn't a very good guitar, most good guitars have got thrust rods in the necks that you can adjust or that'll keep them in shape, you know keep them straight. This one just, well it turned into a bow and arrow after a couple of months. Eric-ClaptonEric Clapton
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    One summer I remember, I got exposed to Chuck Berry and Buddy Holly and Buddy Holly was a very very big, made a very big impression on me. Because of a lot of things, you know, the way he looked and his charisma. Eric-ClaptonEric Clapton
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    The first one was quite cheap, but that was expensive for us. For my folks to buy on the Never Never. It was quite, you know, a rare object to have and I gained quite a lot of status by having this. Eric-ClaptonEric Clapton
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    They looked great, you know the drawings of the guys playing looked great and bits of string around their necks. So it didn't seem to be that difficult a thing to do, or that inaccessible. Eric-ClaptonEric Clapton
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    This moment in time, on this tour, you know, I'm discovering a lot of new things. And to be 45 and doing that, it's a mixture of pleasure and pain, I can assure you. Eric-ClaptonEric Clapton
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    Very much like that, and very much a loner, do you know and I didn't fit really into sport or all kind of group activities as a kid, I couldn't find a niche. And music was not really part of the kind of village curriculum it would, you know. Eric-ClaptonEric Clapton
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    When you came knocking on the door this morning I was quite happy playing the guitar, for fun, I mean and not practicing and I'll always be that way. Eric-ClaptonEric Clapton
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    Yeah, I wanted to know where they got it from, what it was all about, you know, and it seemed to strike something in me that was you know rearing it's head and I still don't know what that is. Eric-ClaptonEric Clapton
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    Yeah, it is, because it's a real discovery of your inner resources, you know. That's what my character is all about and what my playing is all about. But to get up there and just go inside and draw out something that makes you feel good first and foremost. Eric-ClaptonEric Clapton
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    You know, that's it, there's no turning back because what it's made of is so fine. It's like crystal, you know, it's like the purest crystal. Eric-ClaptonEric Clapton
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    You were at school and you were pimply and no one wanted to know you. You get into a group and you've got thousands of chicks there. Eric-ClaptonEric Clapton