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Eva Gabor Quotes

Eva Gabor Quotes & Quotations
Eva Gabor
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    After all the work I've done, why should I suddenly be treated as a bona fide actress? Eva-GaborEva Gabor
  • 2
    East Hampton happens to have been the first place in the world where I was a star, a real star with a star pasted above my name on the dressing-room door. Eva-GaborEva Gabor
  • 3
    I love the fast lane. Eva-GaborEva Gabor
  • 4
    I should have been smart enough to stay happy. But my ambition ruled my life. Eva-GaborEva Gabor
  • 5
    I was the first actress in the family, and I am still the only actress in the family. I shouldn't be saying it, but it slipped out! Eva-GaborEva Gabor
  • 6
    I'm acting when I serve as a hostess, when I run my wig business. I was born to act, and life itself is the greatest part. Eva-GaborEva Gabor
  • 7
    I've always known I would be a success, but I was surprised at the way it came. Eva-GaborEva Gabor
  • 8
    If a man is truly in love, the most beautiful woman in the world couldn't take him away. Maybe for a few days, but not forever. Eva-GaborEva Gabor
  • 9
    It's sheer torture. I have to be up with the chickens every day and go to work on my body. I hate it, but I do it. Eva-GaborEva Gabor
  • 10
    Love is a game that two can play and both win. Eva-GaborEva Gabor
  • 11
    Marriage is too interesting an experiment to be tried only once. Eva-GaborEva Gabor
  • 12
    Most people don't need to work as hard as I do. Eva-GaborEva Gabor
  • 13
    My co-workers expect me to be late and temperamental. Eva-GaborEva Gabor
  • 14
    My first husband, yes, I eloped with him from Hungary against my mother's wishes. Eva-GaborEva Gabor
  • 15
    There was no way I could live in Hollywood and not become an actress. Eva-GaborEva Gabor