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Fiona Shaw Quotes & Quotations
Fiona Shaw
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    A lot of Irish people perform. They perform in drawing rooms. They sing songs and they play piano. Fiona-ShawFiona Shaw
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    I can hardly decide what plays I should be in. Fiona-ShawFiona Shaw
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    I certainly had no intention of playing a man. Fiona-ShawFiona Shaw
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    I find it incredibly tedious, hate that it murders itself with its own conservative pomposity. Fiona-ShawFiona Shaw
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    I had a ball doing Harry Potter. Fiona-ShawFiona Shaw
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    I just think that things should be allowed to run their course, and not turned into a Disney ride. Fiona-ShawFiona Shaw
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    I mainly drink wine and eat out a lot. Fiona-ShawFiona Shaw
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    I take the theater seriously in that I loathe it, I'm bored by it. Fiona-ShawFiona Shaw
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    I think America becomes more disgruntled by going to the movies and having an endlessly good time at them. Fiona-ShawFiona Shaw
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    I would say the next imminent hot writers are often the writers from the decade before you were born. Fiona-ShawFiona Shaw
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    I've enjoyed it and I would like to make more films because it allows me this terrible time I need to find out what it is I want to do. Fiona-ShawFiona Shaw
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    My mother taught me to read. Fiona-ShawFiona Shaw
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    One moment cannot be the most important. Fiona-ShawFiona Shaw
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    People who are good at film have a relationship with the camera. Fiona-ShawFiona Shaw
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    So I just play the character, I play the lines. Fiona-ShawFiona Shaw
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    The Americans are very clear, and obsessed with nouns. Fiona-ShawFiona Shaw
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    The energy released by it is enormous and it becomes quite addictive, the power between the audience and the actor. Fiona-ShawFiona Shaw
  • 18
    The word democracy has no meaning. Duty has gone. Only rights remain. Fiona-ShawFiona Shaw
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    Theater is dangerously open to repetition. It's exciting when you hit on a new way. Fiona-ShawFiona Shaw
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    There is a great relief in experiencing the worst vicariously. Fiona-ShawFiona Shaw
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    There once was a demographic survey done to determine if money was connected to happiness and Ireland was the only place where this did not turn out to be true. Fiona-Shaw/">Fiona Shaw
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    There was no professional theater in Cork, but still I did a lot of performing. Fiona-Shaw/">Fiona Shaw
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    There's something about the Irish that is remarkable. Fiona-Shaw/">Fiona Shaw
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    This whole tribal loyalty seems to have gone. Fiona-Shaw/">Fiona Shaw
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    To be honest I live among the English and have always found them to be very honest in their business dealings. They are noble, hard-working and anxious to do the right thing. But joy eludes them, they lack the joy that the Irish have. Fiona-Shaw/">Fiona Shaw