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Frank Rich
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    After 9/11, we realized that all these silly culture wars, and arguing about rock lyrics... who cares? You know, we, for some reason, remembered what our real problems are. Frank-RichFrank Rich
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    For a man who purports to have learned of media ethics only this month, Mr. Williams has spent an undue amount of time appearing as a media ethicist on both CNN and the cable news networks of NBC. Frank-RichFrank Rich
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    I'm always struck by the kids who turn up in New York and LA, and places in between. Chicago. Wanting to do theater, wanting to do independent film. Wanting to break into television or radio. Frank-RichFrank Rich
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    It is kind of tedious after a while, to parse politicians doing the same thing over and over again. The facts change from week to week, but the sort of masquerade doesn't. Frank-RichFrank Rich
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    One of the good things about television is that there's such alternatives now to what's often homogenized network entertainment. Frank-RichFrank Rich
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    Politicians now are so scripted, they all are. Doesn't matter what their political views. Everyone has a script. Everyone is quaffed to the nine's. Frank-RichFrank Rich
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    There have been at least three other cases in which federal agencies have succeeded in placing fake news reports on television during the Bush presidency. It was a really good tour. It seemed maybe about a week too long. Frank-RichFrank Rich
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    When something really comes from the soul, I think it has a truth that you cannot find in politics. Frank-RichFrank Rich
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    While F.D.R. once told Americans that we have nothing to fear but fear itself, Mr. Ashcroft is delighted to play the part of Fear Itself, an assignment in which he lets his imagination run riot. Frank-RichFrank Rich