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George Shearing Quotes

George Shearing Quotes & Quotations
George Shearing
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    All my musical foundations go back to the age of 3. My family tell me that I used to listen to the old crystal set, then go to the piano and pick out the tune that I just heard. George-ShearingGeorge Shearing
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    Can anybody be given a great degree of creativity? No. They can be given the equipment to develop it-if they have it in them in the first place. George-ShearingGeorge Shearing
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    Having a set, popular formula does inhibit you. George-ShearingGeorge Shearing
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    I don't think you can contrive any sound. George-ShearingGeorge Shearing
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    I have never applied myself to learn a piece of music away from the instrument. I sit down at the piano, read a bar, then play it. George-ShearingGeorge Shearing
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    I studied with a blind teacher from about 5 until I was 16, at two different schools. From the age of 12 until 16, I was in a boarding school-which, I believe, at that time was compulsory for blind children. George-ShearingGeorge Shearing
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    I think in certain areas the demand is greater than it has ever been, and my business is better than it's been in 30 years. The music business is so precarious, as you know-you've got to make it while you can make it, and that's exactly what we're doing. George-ShearingGeorge Shearing
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    I think it was Duke Ellington who once said that we're always most pleased with our current record. I mean, you have to assume that you learn from one, and you do something better next time. George-ShearingGeorge Shearing
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    I was born in London in 1919. I first went to America in 1946 for a three-month holiday. Then I came back, worked here for almost a year sold up my home and went back on immigration in 1947. George-ShearingGeorge Shearing
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    I've always felt that it's necessary for me to add to the sound, as on the Capitol albums with strings or brass, rather than to change it entirely. George-ShearingGeorge Shearing
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    If you establish an identity, you build a monster-and that's right, you've got to live with it. Of course, you can enjoy it, too. George-ShearingGeorge Shearing
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    My affiliation with England is borne out by the fact that I do come back for periodic visits. George-ShearingGeorge Shearing
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    Perfect retention. I don't think I could do that-I've never disciplined myself to do it.I suppose a lot of it is a question of discipline. Which improvisation is not. George-ShearingGeorge Shearing
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    Teddy Wilson, I think, said a little while ago that it's much easier to come in and play whatever comes into your mind, without obeying any of the laws of bass line and harmony and so on. George-ShearingGeorge Shearing
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    We're travelling for about nine-and-a-half months a year. George-ShearingGeorge Shearing
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    When Hank Jones had his night off, I would get somebody to take my place as intermission pianist and I'd play the show with Ella, so I would get a chance to play with Ray Brown and Charlie Smith as well. George-ShearingGeorge Shearing