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Glenn Ford Quotes

Glenn Ford Quotes & Quotations
Glenn Ford
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    An actor should be ready to play any role within reason. For example, I think the most ridiculous thing for me to do would be to try and play Shakespeare. Glenn-FordGlenn Ford
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    An actor would be foolish to do something that might hold up the picture, or more importantly incapacitate him. If an actor does do a stunt he needs to make sure a stunt man stands by to see that it's done correctly. Glenn-FordGlenn Ford
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    Don't forget when you're going up you're looking at the side of the mountain. When you're going down, you're looking at nothing. Glenn-FordGlenn Ford
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    I can't frankly see much difference in the film industry at all. The only difference might be that they don't take as much time as they used to. For example, they'll do in one day what we used to take a week to do. Glenn-FordGlenn Ford
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    I do all of my own riding. I've had good stunt men working with me over the years. They make things look better than they really are. Glenn-FordGlenn Ford
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    I suddenly realized that the fellow who didn't show up was getting about fifty-times more money than I was getting. So I thought, 'this is silly,' and became an actor. I certainly never thought I'd wind up in motion pictures. That was far beyond anything I'd ever dreamed of. Glenn-FordGlenn Ford
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    I think the director is becoming more important. To work under rushed conditions, you need to have an extremely professional director. If the director's good than the end result will be good. Glenn-FordGlenn Ford
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    I was making a film called The White Tower at the foot of Mont Blanc - the one thing I learned from that experience was that it's more difficult to go down a mountain than to go up. A lot of people don't realize that. Glenn-FordGlenn Ford
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    It really doesn't matter whether it's the villain or the hero. Sometimes the villain is the most colorful. But I prefer a part where you don't know what he is until the end. Glenn-FordGlenn Ford
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    Nothing ever changes as far as Westerns are concerned. They are the same today as they were years ago. Glenn-FordGlenn Ford
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    One thing led to another and I didn't have to take tickets any more because I now worked for Mr. Rogers. He said if I was going to take care of his horses than I'd better learn how to ride. He was very kind to me. Glenn-FordGlenn Ford
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    William Holden and I weren't just good friends. He was my very best friend. I feel his loss very much still. Glenn-FordGlenn Ford