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Hermann Hesse Quotes

Hermann Hesse Quotes & Quotations
Hermann Hesse
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    All men are prepared to accomplish the incredible if their ideals are threatened. Hermann-HesseHermann Hesse
  • 2
    As a body everyone is single, as a soul never. Hermann-HesseHermann Hesse
  • 3
    Eternity is a mere moment, just long enough for a joke. Hermann-HesseHermann Hesse
  • 4
    Every man is more than just himself; he also represents the unique, the very special and always significant and remarkable point at which the world's phenomena intersect, only once in this way, and never again. Hermann-HesseHermann Hesse
  • 5
    Everything becomes a little different as soon as it is spoken out loud. Hermann-HesseHermann Hesse
  • 6
    Happiness is a how; not a what. A talent, not an object. Hermann-HesseHermann Hesse
  • 7
    I have always believed, and I still believe, that whatever good or bad fortune may come our way we can always give it meaning and transform it into something of value. Hermann-HesseHermann Hesse
  • 8
    If you hate a person, you hate something in him that is part of yourself. What isn't part of ourselves doesn't disturb us. Hermann-HesseHermann Hesse
  • 9
    It is possible for one never to transgress a single law and still be a bastard. Hermann-HesseHermann Hesse
  • 10
    Knowledge can be communicated, but not wisdom. One can find it, live it, be fortified by it, do wonders through it, but one cannot communicate and teach it. Hermann-HesseHermann Hesse
  • 11
    Meaning and reality were not hidden somewhere behind things, they were in them, in all of them. Hermann-HesseHermann Hesse
  • 12
    One never reaches home, but wherever friendly paths intersect the whole world looks like home for a time. Hermann-HesseHermann Hesse
  • 13
    People with courage and character always seem sinister to the rest. Hermann-HesseHermann Hesse
  • 14
    Solitude is independence. Hermann-HesseHermann Hesse
  • 15
    Some of us think holding on makes us strong; but sometimes it is letting go. Hermann-HesseHermann Hesse
  • 16
    The bourgeois prefers comfort to pleasure, convenience to liberty, and a pleasant temperature to the deathly inner consuming fire. Hermann-HesseHermann Hesse
  • 17
    The call of death is a call of love. Death can be sweet if we answer it in the affirmative, if we accept it as one of the great eternal forms of life and transformation. Hermann-HesseHermann Hesse
  • 18
    The truth is lived, not taught. Hermann-HesseHermann Hesse
  • 19
    There is, so I believe, in the essence of everything, something that we cannot call learning. There is, my friend, only a knowledge - that is everywhere. Hermann-HesseHermann Hesse
  • 20
    Those who cannot think or take responsibility for themselves need, and clamor for, a leader. Hermann-HesseHermann Hesse
  • 21
    To be able to throw one's self away for the sake of a moment, to be able to sacrifice years for a woman's smile - that is happiness. Hermann-Hesse/">Hermann Hesse
  • 22
    To study history means submitting to chaos and nevertheless retaining faith in order and meaning. Hermann-Hesse/">Hermann Hesse
  • 23
    What constitutes a real, live human being is more of a mystery than ever these days, and men each one of whom is a valuable, unique experiment on the part of nature are shot down wholesale. Hermann-Hesse/">Hermann Hesse
  • 24
    What could I say to you that would be of value, except that perhaps you seek too much, that as a result of your seeking you cannot find. Hermann-Hesse/">Hermann Hesse
  • 25
    Within us there is someone who knows everything, wills everything, does everything better than we ourselves. Hermann-Hesse/">Hermann Hesse
  • 26
    Words do not express thoughts very well. They always become a little different immediately after they are expressed, a little distorted, a little foolish. Hermann-Hesse/">Hermann Hesse
  • 27
    You are only afraid if you are not in harmony with yourself. People are afraid because they have never owned up to themselves. Hermann-Hesse/">Hermann Hesse