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Irving Langmuir Quotes

Irving Langmuir Quotes & Quotations
Irving Langmuir
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    And literature frequently rises to heights that make it international. Irving-LangmuirIrving Langmuir
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    Happy indeed is the scientist who not only has the pleasures which I have enumerated, but who also wins the recognition of fellow scientists and of the mankind which ultimately benefits from his endeavors. Irving-LangmuirIrving Langmuir
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    History proves abundantly that pure science, undertaken without regard to applications to human needs, is usually ultimately of direct benefit to mankind. Irving-LangmuirIrving Langmuir
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    Medicine also disregards national boundaries. Irving-LangmuirIrving Langmuir
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    Science, almost from its beginnings, has been truly international in character. National prejudices disappear completely in the scientist's search for truth. Irving-LangmuirIrving Langmuir
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    The scientist is motivated primarily by curiosity and a desire for truth. Irving-LangmuirIrving Langmuir
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    This coupling together of science with international peace, is, I think, particularly significant. Irving-LangmuirIrving Langmuir
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    To my mind, the most important aspect of the Nobel Awards is that they bring home to the masses of the peoples of all nations, a realization of their common interests. They carry to those who have no direct contact with science the international spirit. Irving-LangmuirIrving Langmuir