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James Randi Quotes & Quotations
James Randi
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    A quick example of that is a woman who said she'd been healed of throat cancer where the faith healer admitted he touched her on the forehead. James-RandiJames Randi
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    Curley - and others - are going to discover that this old chap has a lot of fight in him, and that I've never yet backed down from a fight. James-RandiJames Randi
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    However, I believe that it would be difficult to have legitimate scientists agree to participate. James-RandiJames Randi
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    I do not expect that homeopathy will ever be established as a legitimate form of treatment, but I do expect that it will continue to be popular. James-RandiJames Randi
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    I don't expect that the million will ever be won, simply because there is no confirming evidence for any paranormal claims to date. James-RandiJames Randi
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    I have been through similar situations where believers will insist on believing despite the evidence no matter how strong that is. James-RandiJames Randi
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    I questioned her further, and eventually got to talk to her doctor. And her doctor sort of shook his head and he said, 'I have examined her for throat cancer at least 15 times in the past few years. James-RandiJames Randi
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    I would put my million dollars up as well. James-RandiJames Randi
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    The New Age? It's just the old age stuck in a microwave oven for fifteen seconds. James-RandiJames Randi
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    The problem with experiments has always been that human beings make the decisions on whether or not the animals have benefitted from the treatment. James-RandiJames Randi
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    The second class of people that I examined in those 104 people, were people who still had the diseases of which they said they'd been healed. James-RandiJames Randi
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    There's something about the Houdini act that is not always made clear - about the escape act in general. James-RandiJames Randi
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    They wanted it to happen. And in every major challenge that came along, they attended that theater not to see him fail, or even possibly fail. James-RandiJames Randi
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    They would have been very let down if they had to leave the theater and he had missed. He would feel badly. Everyone would feel badly. But he never let them down. James-RandiJames Randi