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Jason Mraz Quotes

Jason Mraz Quotes & Quotations
Jason Mraz
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    Careers can disappear just as quickly as they're made, so I'm in no hurry. Jason-MrazJason Mraz
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    Getting on stage is a bonus, that's my therapy, that's when I can tell stories and it all makes sense. Jason-MrazJason Mraz
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    I buy records from all across the board. I get kind of a hybrid of influences in my own music. Jason-MrazJason Mraz
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    I encourage the players to simply feel what they feel and relay that on tape. The outcome was brighter than I could have ever imagined. Jason-MrazJason Mraz
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    I had always been singing, all of my life, but it wasn't until I got out of high school and was on my own that I didn't have any accompaniment. Jason-MrazJason Mraz
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    I think anyone who uses the web is smart and will profit. Jason-MrazJason Mraz
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    I think especially with the Internet and the amount of reality shows that are going on, there's no way to keep a secret anymore, so I try to let my project be as much as reality show as I can allow it to be. Jason-MrazJason Mraz
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    I'm totally into new age and self-help books. I used to work in a bookstore and that's the section they gave me, and I got way into it. I just loved the power of positive thinking, letting yourself go. Jason-MrazJason Mraz
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    I've been compared to people since the beginning. When you're starting out, you need a comparison so people will understand you right away. Jason-MrazJason Mraz
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    In the words of Michael Jackson: I'm a lover, not a fighter. Jason-MrazJason Mraz
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    It was a very bizarre experience for me, to get the songs together, go in there, and try to deliver them as I would perhaps in a live setting. But I realized that I couldn't take on that coffeehouse style that I came from and go in there and burn it up. Jason-MrazJason Mraz
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    My goal is to show everyone that they, too, can do what they love to do. Jason-MrazJason Mraz
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    Our shows are packed with laughter and light-hearted songs to lift the listener from their everyday life. We encourage the audience to participate in any way. Jason-MrazJason Mraz
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    Sometimes you forget where the heck you are but when you get on stage, you know by the look on the people's faces and the accent in their voices where you might be. Jason-MrazJason Mraz
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    Surrender to life itself and you'll just be rewarded with so many things. And I've been rewarded so many times, in so many mysterious ways. So I have no reason to be disappointed with anything. Jason-MrazJason Mraz
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    The easiest songs to write are pure fiction. There is no limit to how you can tell the story. I find it difficult when I'm replaying an event through a song. Jason-MrazJason Mraz
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    Traveling has a major impact on what I do, cause all over the world I'm meeting all kinds of people. And relationships is the second major impact that I have. I just enjoy the variety that the world has to offer. Jason-MrazJason Mraz
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    We want people to see us live before we continue on and call ourselves recording artists. Jason-MrazJason Mraz
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    When I was in high school, The Dave Matthews Band was a local band, and that was the first time I was starting to connect with a live band that was something that wasn't on the radio or TV. Jason-MrazJason Mraz