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Jason Newsted Quotes

Jason Newsted Quotes & Quotations
Jason Newsted
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    All I want you to do is rock. That'll be forever, man. Jason-NewstedJason Newsted
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    'I don't want to grow up,' Tom Waits said it. I live it. I put myself in a position to be a kid as long as I want to. I play loud music and scream for a living. Jason-NewstedJason Newsted
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    I ended up gettin' a little Gibson amp and a bass, because of Gene Simmons of Kiss. Myself and three other kids would pretend to be Kiss - I liked Gene the best. Jason-NewstedJason Newsted
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    I thought I'd do something nice for the band... I'll hang myself. Jason-NewstedJason Newsted
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    I'm busier than a busy person. People aren't scared to play this raucous, harsh music over radio speakers, so I think it's the perfect time to get in with some real serious, heavy bands. Jason-NewstedJason Newsted
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    It all has to do with art - writing, painting, things I've done for a long time but just never had enough time to pursue. I have poetry - things that are designed for songs, but they're always poems first. Jason-NewstedJason Newsted
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    Metallica is going to be one of those bands you look back on in the year 2008, that people will still listen to the way I still listen to Zeppelin and Sabbath albums. Jason-NewstedJason Newsted