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Jay Hernandez Quotes

Jay Hernandez Quotes & Quotations
Jay Hernandez
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    Best thing that's happened this year? Maybe Hostel. It was a great experience. I loved it. Jay-HernandezJay Hernandez
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    But in film you always watch situations or stories that you really have no relation to. A lot of times just because there's no personal connection doesn't mean you can't connect with the film or the characters in the film. Jay-HernandezJay Hernandez
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    For me, I think that I don't like feeling pressure from outside sources. I'd rather put the pressure on myself and push myself to do it as good as I can. Jay-HernandezJay Hernandez
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    I grew up in LA. I sort of watched the Raiders play and that sort of thing. Jay-HernandezJay Hernandez
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    I would say being in that institution - that psyche ward, or whatever it was. That was really creepy because it was a real place from like the early 1900s. Jay-HernandezJay Hernandez
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    I'm pretty athletic and I play basketball a lot. Jay-HernandezJay Hernandez
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    No, I was going to college and got discovered. Jay-HernandezJay Hernandez
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    No, I've never played baseball in my life. Jay-HernandezJay Hernandez
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    Some of the material out there - I don't want to say that it's all bad - but there's a lot of bad stuff out there. You just continue reading scripts, and eventually you find something you connect with. Jay-HernandezJay Hernandez
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    We're not in high school anymore and we've had a little more life experiences to help us better understand what were going through in terms of stardom and recognition. Jay-HernandezJay Hernandez