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Jo Bonner
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    As horrific as this impact has been on my constituents, it is only a small part of the overwhelming destruction covering 90,000 square miles of the Gulf Coast. Jo-BonnerJo Bonner
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    As more information becomes available, and the magnitude of the storm's impact becomes even more apparent, it becomes clear that this recovery will be lengthy. Jo-BonnerJo Bonner
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    At many points during our nation's history, there have been times - known in our history textbooks as "panics" - when adverse conditions affecting the financial and economic sectors of the country have caused individuals to hoard more than they need. Jo-BonnerJo Bonner
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    Dr. Rice went well beyond offering a helping hand - she went so far as to shed tears and share hugs with those who, in a matter of just a few hours, had lost everything to the rising floodwaters. Jo-BonnerJo Bonner
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    Help is even being offered from across the ocean, as over two dozen countries have stepped forward to offer financial and material support to the American people. Jo-BonnerJo Bonner
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    Hurricane Katrina this past week was certainly the worst episode in what has become an all-too-familiar and tragic cycle, and our nation is now faced with a set of unprecedented challenges. Jo-BonnerJo Bonner
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    I am certain more emergency supplemental bills will be needed before this process is concluded. In fact, there is a point I have repeated several times recently which keeps the enormity of this situation in perspective. Jo-BonnerJo Bonner
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    I am very aware that there are many of you who have friends and loved ones in the areas affected by this storm who have been displaced or who have not yet been accounted for. Jo-BonnerJo Bonner
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    I have lived through many major hurricanes during my lifetime: Camille, Frederic, and Ivan, to name just a very few. However, never have I seen destruction, panic, and fear on this massive scale. Jo-BonnerJo Bonner
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    In an effort to provide my constituents with information on how they can make contributions to a number of relief and humanitarian organizations, I have posted a short list of these groups and contact numbers on my Internet website. Jo-BonnerJo Bonner
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    In the time since passage of the act, there have been many successes as a result of the measures put into place by the PATRIOT Act. Jo-BonnerJo Bonner
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    It is during difficult times like this that the true American spirit reveals itself. I am not talking only of the response of local, state, and federal governments, although they will each play an extremely important role in this effort. Jo-BonnerJo Bonner
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    Living in this manner also gave them the opportunity to locate targets and develop methods of attack that would make the most impact on the population, infrastructure, and governments of these areas. Jo-BonnerJo Bonner
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    Members of al Qaeda and other affiliated organizations spent a great deal of time blending into the populations of several nations around the world and exploring all aspects of life there. Jo-BonnerJo Bonner
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    Nearly two weeks have passed since Hurricane Katrina made landfall along the Gulf Coast, and while we are still dealing with the tremendous devastation - and will be for quite some time - we are also seeing increased signs of recovery and help in our region. Jo-BonnerJo Bonner
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    Please know that my thoughts and prayers, as well as those of many, many others here in Alabama and around the country, are with each of you during this time. Jo-BonnerJo Bonner
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    Relief organizations both large and small are coordinating deliveries of food, clothing, water, and other basic necessities to those impacted by Katrina. Jo-BonnerJo Bonner
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    Since the September 11 attacks, nearly 400 individuals have been arrested by the Justice Department as a result of ongoing investigations into international terrorism. Of that total, over half were convicted as a result of their actions. Jo-BonnerJo Bonner
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    The four rural counties in the district also received wind and rain damage and experienced power outages affecting thousands of families. Jo-BonnerJo Bonner
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    The Inspector General issued six reviews and reports on actions taken based on provisions of the act. In those six reports, the IG found that not one violation of an individual's civil liberties - a total of zero - had taken place since the act was instituted. Jo-BonnerJo Bonner
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    The primary function of the Patriot act was to put procedures in place which would disrupt terrorist activities before attacks took place. Jo-Bonner/">Jo Bonner
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    The rebuilding of many of the areas on the Gulf Coast is not something that will take days, weeks, or months; it will, in fact, take years. Jo-Bonner/">Jo Bonner
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    The review process was conducted in an extremely bipartisan manner. Minority members of the Judiciary Committee were responsible for the invitation of 1/3 of the witnesses who appeared. Jo-Bonner/">Jo Bonner
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    The terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, as well as more recent attacks in Madrid, Spain, and London, England, showed in a very tragic way just how vulnerable many areas of the world are to these sorts of actions. Jo-Bonner/">Jo Bonner
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    There has certainly been criticism of the timing involved in getting help to the victims of the storm, and much of it may indeed be warranted. However, this is not the time for pointing fingers; rather, it is the time for offering a helping hand to our neighbors in need. Jo-Bonner/">Jo Bonner
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    There is one final point I would like to make this week. As I said on the floor of the House during deliberation of this latest supplemental, hope is something Americans should never lose. Let each of us, both by our words and actions, continue to provide that hope. Jo-Bonner/">Jo Bonner
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    This emergency spending measure is certainly only the beginning, since we here in Washington will continue to work closely with the president and emergency agencies to ensure they continue receiving the funding they need. Jo-Bonner/">Jo Bonner
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    While the debate on the PATRIOT Act is far from over, it is important that all Americans continue in this dialogue and work together to ensure greater security for our nation. Jo-Bonner/">Jo Bonner