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Joanna Trollope
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    All TV can do is capture the spirit of a book because the medium is so utterly different. But I'm very grateful for the readers that Masterpiece Theatre has undoubtedly brought me. Joanna-TrollopeJoanna Trollope
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    I don't always set stories in villages, more often in towns. But always in smallish communities because the characters' actions are more visible there, and the dramatic tension is heightened. Joanna-TrollopeJoanna Trollope
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    I plot the first 5 or 6 chapters quite minutely, and also the end. So I know where I am going but not how I'm going to get there, which gives characters the chance to develop organically, as happens in real life as you get to know a person. Joanna-TrollopeJoanna Trollope
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    I'm a third done into a new book but sorry - I have a superstition about talking about it! Joanna-TrollopeJoanna Trollope
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    I've experienced huge kindness here, a great welcome and some very generous reviews without the snide social edge I often suffer from at home. I'm not patronized here either, which I much appreciate! Joanna-TrollopeJoanna Trollope
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    It's not so much hearth as family life which is where we all, I'm sure, learn (or fail to learn!) all our life skills for the future. Joanna-TrollopeJoanna Trollope
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    Oddly my name has been no professional help at all! It seems to have made no difference. I admire him hugely, both for his benevolence and his enormous psychological perception. Joanna-TrollopeJoanna Trollope
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    Two things: a lifelong fascination dating from reading fairy stories as a child with stepmothers, why are they always supposed to be "wicked"? Joanna-TrollopeJoanna Trollope
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    You can't be too old to be a writer, but you can definitely be too young! Joanna-TrollopeJoanna Trollope