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Jody Watley Quotes & Quotations
Jody Watley
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    Eventually you can get into the nuts and bolts of reality: nurturing, caring, and getting along. Jody-WatleyJody Watley
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    I always make this joke that I know you were expecting to see the big skirts and the hoops. But that was a long time ago. Artists aren't always seen as real people. If you start out as a teenager, sometimes people want to keep you locked as that. But I'm a woman now. Jody-WatleyJody Watley
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    I used all that doubt as fuel for my own music, fuel for my drive to succeed. Jody-WatleyJody Watley
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    I wanted to be open. On the last project, "Affection," I co-wrote everything. Sometimes, I think, it's smart to step away and be open. Jody-WatleyJody Watley
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    I wanted to do Playboy to get across the same ideas I'm singing and writing about these days. It's all about proving that a woman can defy stereotypes. Jody-WatleyJody Watley
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    In some cases I feel like they haven't appreciated enough that growing up doesn't mean boring and old and not full of life. I like to talk about that also. Jody-WatleyJody Watley
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    Maybe with your emotions and your feelings, someone else can say it in a different way than you would, which brings new life to the way you might sing it. Jody-WatleyJody Watley
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    Passion has always been important to me. That won't change. What changes in a woman's perspective. I mean, I have two kids now. I'm a single parent balancing motherhood and my career. That changes the equation. Jody-WatleyJody Watley
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    People said it would be the worst mistake of my life. I tried not to listen, but it stung me, being told I'd never make it as a solo act. Jody-WatleyJody Watley
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    Right now I'm single. Single, and loving it. Jody-WatleyJody Watley
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    The music business is very hard on women over 22. You really have to prove yourself every time you make a record. Are you as vibrant as you used to be? Are you as sexy? So I really want to prove that a woman in her 30s can be all those things and more. Jody-WatleyJody Watley
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    The time was ripe for Flower. The vibe was right. Jody-WatleyJody Watley
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    There's one more thing I want to say. It's a touchy subject. Black beauty. Black sensuality. We live in a culture where the beauty of black people isn't always as celebrated as other types. I'd like to help change that if I can! Jody-WatleyJody Watley
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    When you're a girl, passion can dominate the equation, but as you grow up relationships evolve. Mad passion can grab you at first, but it can't last forever. Jody-WatleyJody Watley