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John Foster Quotes & Quotations
John Foster
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    And, of course, supernatural elements just make a story more interesting. John-FosterJohn Foster
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    As you can probably tell, I like films and directors that bring a totally unique style to filming action. John-FosterJohn Foster
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    I didn't really discover yakuza films until about five or six years ago. John-FosterJohn Foster
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    I had lived in Fukuoka during the mid 1990s, and I was a volunteer with the Fukuoka Asian Film Festival. John-FosterJohn Foster
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    I might have shot on 35mm if I had had more money, but we used Panasonic's Varicam camera, and I think the film looks great in high definition. John-FosterJohn Foster
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    I wanted to avoid communication and cultural problems, so I made the conscious decision to be the only non-Japanese person on the crew. John-FosterJohn Foster
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    Since my Japanese isn't very good, I had to have an interpreter to communicate with most of the crew. John-FosterJohn Foster
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    The awesomeness of God is that even in the works of the Beach Boys, Beatles, etc., the beauty of the music is a mere reflection of what God does everyday. He creates music of all kinds and moods. John-FosterJohn Foster
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    There aren't many American directors here trying to direct a Japanese yakuza film. When you combine that with the fact that I don't speak much Japanese and this was an independent film I was financing myself - people were curious about what I was doing. John-FosterJohn Foster
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    To me, Shakespeare uses the supernatural elements to reveal his character's inner desires and fears. John-FosterJohn Foster