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John Mayer Quotes

John Mayer Quotes & Quotations
John Mayer
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    Everybody is just a stranger, but that's the danger in going my own way. John-MayerJohn Mayer
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    High School is like a spork: it's a crappy spoon and a crappy fork, so in the end it's just plain useless. John-MayerJohn Mayer
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    Hopefully people can see my music is tethered to my brain. John-MayerJohn Mayer
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    I feel my shows are like a late-night talk show that we settle down and do every night. John-MayerJohn Mayer
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    I hope that what it comes down to at the end of the day is that people believe that I believe what I'm singing. It comes down to being believable. You don't have to be likeable; generally, though, I think I am. John-MayerJohn Mayer
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    I like giving people something they don't want to miss the next time. It's a show with little twists and turns and curves. It has me being silly and stupid and compassionate and completely deep. John-MayerJohn Mayer
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    I think people right now, the age they are, being 21 and 22, really do want to find a group of bands they can take with them through life. John-MayerJohn Mayer
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    I'm getting to a point where everything is becoming streamlined in my life. I'm learning how to stand onstage for two hours and play in front of thousands of people as if I am completely in the moment every moment. John-MayerJohn Mayer
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    I'm singing what I want to sing based on the emotion of what that day feels like. That's what comes out of my mouth and guitar. That impacts people. They know anything can happen. John-MayerJohn Mayer
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    If you get half a million, at a certain stage you probably will get 4 million people, if they are able to hear it. The touring thing is unbelievable. It really is amazing from what we did the last tour even to what we are doing now. John-MayerJohn Mayer
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    It is too easy to watch music coming out of people's mouths lately and you're not quite sure if it was written with the best of intentions. John-MayerJohn Mayer
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    Numb is the new deep, done with the old me, and talk is the same cheap it's been. John-MayerJohn Mayer
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    People want to see musicians sing things that come from their own mind and own heart in real time, responding to the moment for them. John-MayerJohn Mayer
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    Sometimes I wish that I was the weather, you'd bring me up in conversation forever. And when it rained, I'd be the talk of the day. John-MayerJohn Mayer