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John Osborne Quotes

John Osborne Quotes & Quotations
John Osborne
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    Don't clap too hard - it's a very old building. John-OsborneJohn Osborne
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    Go on - but don't think you can kill my confidence. I've had experts doing it for years. John-OsborneJohn Osborne
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    Heaven be thanked, we live in such an age when no man dies for love except upon the stage. John-OsborneJohn Osborne
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    Heroes, whatever high ideas we may have of them, are mortal and not divine. We are all as God made us and many of us much worse. John-OsborneJohn Osborne
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    I never deliberately set out to shock, but when people don't walk out of my plays I think there is something wrong. John-OsborneJohn Osborne
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    It is easy to answer the ultimate questions - it saves you bothering with the immediate ones. John-OsborneJohn Osborne
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    It is not true that drink changes a man's character. It may reveal it more clearly. John-OsborneJohn Osborne
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    It is widely held that too much wine will dull a man's desire. Indeed it will in a dull man. John-OsborneJohn Osborne
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    The whole point of a sacrifice is that you give up something you never really wanted in the first place. People are doing it around you all the time. They give up their careers, say - or their beliefs - or sex. John-OsborneJohn Osborne
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    They spend their time looking forward to the past. John-OsborneJohn Osborne
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    We all of us waited for him to die. The family sent him a check every month, and hoped he'd get on with it quietly, without too much vulgar fuss. John-OsborneJohn Osborne
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    Why do I do this every Sunday? Even the book reviews seem to be the same as last week's. Different books same reviews. John-OsborneJohn Osborne