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John Shadegg
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    A recent Pew Hispanic survey found that more than 70 percent of illegal immigrants from Mexico are interested in a guest-worker program and then returning home. John-ShadeggJohn Shadegg
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    American consumers benefit from free trade and investment. John-ShadeggJohn Shadegg
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    As I think all Americans understand on both sides of the aisle, the Social Security system as it is structured today is a pay-as-you-go system. John-ShadeggJohn Shadegg
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    Business owners have made a strong case to me that they need guest workers. But none has suggested that these workers should be placed on a path to citizenship. John-ShadeggJohn Shadegg
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    But with a rate of return of 1.6 percent or less, or a negative rate of return, our children and our grandchildren, if we do not make changes, will in fact not have a secure retirement. Indeed, they will not have the funds when they go to retire to even minimally get by. John-ShadeggJohn Shadegg
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    Everything from cars to DVD players to fruits and vegetables are cheaper and better because of the free flow of trade with other nations. John-ShadeggJohn Shadegg
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    For example, in my own State of Arizona, an Israeli scientist is working with an Arizona company on a demonstration project involving a very fast-growing algae which can be used to power a biomass energy plan. John-ShadeggJohn Shadegg
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    Germany, I think, was first to substitute a Social Security program for its elderly based on this premise, that is, that we would tax workers to pay retirement benefits for those retired. John-ShadeggJohn Shadegg
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    Global fuel and consumption, however, is projected to increase by 100 to 150 percent over the next 20 years, driven largely by the rapidly growing Chinese and Indian economies; and this growth and this increase in demand will force prices even higher. John-ShadeggJohn Shadegg
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    If the United States is to protect itself from the economic and the political threats created by this excessive dependence, we must reduce our reliance on foreign energy sources and on foreign oil as quickly and as efficiently as possible. John-ShadeggJohn Shadegg
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    It is unacceptable for somebody to come to our country illegally and then prey on an American citizen and not receive a severe penalty. John-ShadeggJohn Shadegg
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    More than one-third of Mexicans in the United States own property in Mexico, nearly 80 percent send money home and 25 percent have a spouse in Mexico. Assimilation and becoming an American citizen are not the objective for many of them. John-ShadeggJohn Shadegg
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    Most previous immigrants came to the United States to become Americans, with no intention of returning home. They relinquished their ties with their homeland. English was their key to prosperity, and they worked hard to master it. John-ShadeggJohn Shadegg
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    Putting a stop to internet gambling is a necessary reform that targets flagrant violations of state and federal laws. John-ShadeggJohn Shadegg
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    The federal government must accept its responsibility to secure our nation's borders. In the face of global terrorism, doing so is imperative. John-ShadeggJohn Shadegg
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    The reality is that the workforce relative to the number of people retired has shrunk and today in America there are only 3.3 working Americans paying payroll taxes to support each individual currently retired and collecting Social Security taxes. John-ShadeggJohn Shadegg
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    These smugglers, many of them present in trafficking through my State of Arizona, create false Social Security cards, false green cards, visas and a variety of other fraudulent documents as an essential part of their smuggling activities. John-ShadeggJohn Shadegg
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    Under current law, there is no additional penalty for someone who enters the United States illegally and then commits either a crime of violence or a drug trafficking offense. They simply come under the same penalty as we have in current law. John-ShadeggJohn Shadegg
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    We can still find middle ground, truly secure our borders, deal with those already here and address our labor needs. But those who advocate giving current illegal aliens and future guest workers a special path to citizenship must compromise. John-ShadeggJohn Shadegg
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    We must send a very clear message that if you enter our country illegally and then you commit one of these offenses, you will be dealt with harshly and you will pay a heavy price for your conduct. John-ShadeggJohn Shadegg