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John William McCormack Quotes

John William McCormack Quotes & Quotations
John William McCormack
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    If we know there is enough money in there for nine or ten months, we won't worry too much. They can come back and get more-not all they want, but a large piece of it. So you always have the supplemental as a safety valve. John-William-McCormackJohn William McCormack
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    They work in secrecy. I can't get any information. You can't find out anything until they get out to the floor. And it's hard to lick em at that stage. They're a closed corporation. When they stick together, you can't lick em on the floor. John-William-McCormackJohn William McCormack
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    We know they are doing their job in committee, that they are brilliant men, smart men, and that they are on the job all the time. We're just human beings down here-all different. We take all these things into consideration. You can't help it. John-William-McCormackJohn William McCormack