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John Wozniak Quotes

John Wozniak Quotes & Quotations
John Wozniak
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    A song called Never. Which we never play. But it's a great song. John-WozniakJohn Wozniak
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    He's a tremendous guy. And what's more, he's virtually a genius in the field of management. John-WozniakJohn Wozniak
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    I was never able to get through Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness. I've never been able to make it through. And I love the Smashing Pumpkins, they're one of my favorite bands ever, but I've never been able to listen to the whole thing all the way through. John-WozniakJohn Wozniak
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    I'm really glad I didn't do it then. I'm glad everybody loves it, but I'm not going to do their theme song. I would write it, but I wouldn't sing it. John-WozniakJohn Wozniak
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    My brain doesn't have enough time to play around like that. To get limber enough to have a nightmare. John-WozniakJohn Wozniak
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    No, we'll never get back together. We'll remain friends, but I see her going in a completely different direction than me musically. But she'll end up doing really well if she continues on the path she's on. Because she's doing something very original. John-WozniakJohn Wozniak
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    People stopped hanging out with me at the point when I stopped doing drugs. All of a sudden they didn't wanna hang out with me anymore. And I would have hung out with them. I mean they were killing themselves, but I still would have hung out with them. John-WozniakJohn Wozniak
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    Well, when I was younger, in high school, I started out smoking pot. Which escalated into taking acid on a regular basis, which escalated into selling acid. And then I started, when I went to college, I started doing opiates. John-WozniakJohn Wozniak
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    Yeah, I might remaster it, in fact I'm sure I would. But all the songs will be the same. John-WozniakJohn Wozniak