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Judith Martin Quotes & Quotations
Judith Martin
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    Chaperons don't enforce morality; they force immorality to be discreet. Judith-MartinJudith Martin
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    Chaperons, even in their days of glory, were almost never able to enforce morality; what they did was to force immorality to be discreet. This is no small contribution. Judith-MartinJudith Martin
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    Honesty has come to mean the privilege of insulting you to your face without expecting redress. Judith-MartinJudith Martin
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    If written directions alone would suffice, libraries wouldn't need to have the rest of the universities attached. Judith-MartinJudith Martin
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    It is far more impressive when others discover your good qualities without your help. Judith-MartinJudith Martin
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    Many people mistakenly think a new technology cancels out an old one. Judith-MartinJudith Martin
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    Most people who work at home find they do not have the benefit of receptionists who serve as personal guards. Judith-MartinJudith Martin
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    Parents should conduct their arguments in quiet, respectful tones, but in a foreign language. You'd be surprised what an inducement that is to the education of children. Judith-MartinJudith Martin
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    There are three social classes in America: upper middle class, middle class, and lower middle class. Judith-MartinJudith Martin
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    We already know that anonymous letters are despicable. In etiquette, as well as in law, hiring a hit man to do the job does not relieve you of responsibility. Judith-MartinJudith Martin
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    We are all born charming, fresh and spontaneous, and must be civilized before we are fit to participate in society. Judith-MartinJudith Martin
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    We are born charming, fresh and spontaneous and must be civilized before we are fit to participate in society. Judith-MartinJudith Martin
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    You do not have to do everything disagreeable that you have a right to do. Judith-MartinJudith Martin
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    You glance at an e-mail. You give more attention to a real letter. Judith-MartinJudith Martin