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Julie Bishop Quotes & Quotations
Julie Bishop
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    Advances in science and medical research and public health policies have meant that life expectancy for Australians is one of the highest in the world. Julie-BishopJulie Bishop
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    Ageing means a loss of a number of skills over time. Julie-BishopJulie Bishop
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    Australia is already a world leader in dementia research, treatment and care. Julie-BishopJulie Bishop
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    Community care is a fundamental, an essential, an enduring part of our aged care system. Julie-BishopJulie Bishop
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    Dementia is not exclusively a problem of the developed world. Julie-BishopJulie Bishop
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    Greater public recognition will also be critical in encouraging prevention and early intervention, and more generally in building public support to meet the challenges of dementia. Julie-BishopJulie Bishop
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    Today it has been estimated that the average 70 year old has four chronic conditions and consumes an average of 35 PBS scripts per year for those conditions. Julie-BishopJulie Bishop
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    We are increasingly recognising and accepting, respecting and celebrating, our cultural diversity. Julie-BishopJulie Bishop
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    We know that so many of the conditions and diseases that we associate with ageing can often be prevented or in fact their onset delayed if we just took preventative steps earlier in our lives. Julie-BishopJulie Bishop
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    We know we are entering a period of transformation in aged care. Julie-BishopJulie Bishop
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    We preserve the status quo, preserve existing systems. Julie-BishopJulie Bishop
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    When the Australian Government looked at how to meet the challenges, and the opportunities, presented by our ageing population, it saw that an all-encompassing approach was a prerequisite. Julie-BishopJulie Bishop