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Larry Wall
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    For me, writing is a love-hate relationship. Larry-WallLarry Wall
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    Hubris itself will not let you be an artist. Larry-WallLarry Wall
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    I am not a sort of person who wants to run a company. Larry-WallLarry Wall
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    I take time to watch anime. I don't know whether I'm allowed to, but I do it anyway. Larry-WallLarry Wall
  • 5
    I talked about becoming stupid, but I've always been stupid. Fortunately I've been just smart enough to realize that I'm stupid. Larry-WallLarry Wall
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    I think computer science, by and large, is still stuck in the Modern age. Larry-WallLarry Wall
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    I think operating systems work best if they're free and open. Particular applications are more likely to be proprietary. Larry-WallLarry Wall
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    I think software patents are a bad idea. Many patents are given for trivial inventions. Larry-WallLarry Wall
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    I think the way IBM has embraced the open source philosophy has been quite astonishing, but gratifying. I hope they'll do very well with it. Larry-WallLarry Wall
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    I'm just paid to do whatever I want to do. Some of the time it's development, and some of the time it's just goofing off. Larry-WallLarry Wall
  • 11
    If any ideology is so serious that you can't have fun while you're doing it, it's probably too serious. Larry-WallLarry Wall
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    If you're a large corporation, you can afford to pay the money to register patents, but if you're an individual like me, you can't. Larry-WallLarry Wall
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    Many days I don't write any code at all, and some days I spend all day writing code. Larry-WallLarry Wall
  • 14
    One of the very basic ideas of Post-Modernism is rejection of arbitrary power structures. Different people are sensitive to different kinds of power structures. Larry-WallLarry Wall
  • 15
    Perl was designed to work more like a natural language. It's a little more complicated but there are more shortcuts, and once you learned the language, it's more expressive. Larry-WallLarry Wall
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    Post-Modernism was a reaction against Modernism. It came quite early to music and literature, and a little later to architecture. And I think it's still coming to computer science. Larry-WallLarry Wall
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    Programmers can be lazy. Larry-WallLarry Wall
  • 18
    Real programmers can write assembly code in any language. Larry-WallLarry Wall
  • 19
    The Harvard Law states: Under controlled conditions of light, temperature, humidity, and nutrition, the organism will do as it damn well pleases. Larry-WallLarry Wall
  • 20
    The problems that I really like to solve are our cultural problems. Larry-WallLarry Wall
  • 21
    There is no schedule. We are all volunteers, so we get it done when we get it done. Perl 5 still works fine, and we plan to take the right amount of time on Perl 6. Larry-Wall/">Larry Wall
  • 22
    To be a good artist, you have to serve the work of art and allow it to be what it is supposed to be. Larry-Wall/">Larry Wall
  • 23
    We all agree on the necessity of compromise. We just can't agree on when it's necessary to compromise. Larry-Wall/">Larry Wall
  • 24
    We are so Post-Modern that we don't realize how Post-Modern we are anymore. Larry-Wall/">Larry Wall
  • 25
    When I announced the development of Perl 6, I said it was going to be a community design. I designed Perl, myself. It's limited by my own brain power. So I wanted Perl 6 to be a community design. Larry-Wall/">Larry Wall
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    Younger hackers are hard to classify. They're probably just as diverse as the old hackers are. We're all over the map. Larry-Wall/">Larry Wall