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Layne Staley Quotes

Layne Staley Quotes & Quotations
Layne Staley
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    Andrew Wood's death changed things for a few weeks. I probably got even heavier into drugs after that. Layne-StaleyLayne Staley
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    At home I'm just a guy who has interests that extend far beyond music. Layne-StaleyLayne Staley
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    Being me is no different than being most anyone else, I guess. Layne-StaleyLayne Staley
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    Drugs will have a huge effect on my work for the rest of my life, whether I'm using or not. Layne-StaleyLayne Staley
  • 5
    Every article I see is dope this, junkie that, whiskey this - that ain't my title. Layne-StaleyLayne Staley
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    I don't do much else but stay in my hotel room. Layne-StaleyLayne Staley
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    I don't take part in it the way I used to-the bimbos, the free beers, free drugs, all that. That's still there if you want it, but I don't really seek that out any more. Layne-StaleyLayne Staley
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    I found out through the Internet that I have AIDS. I learned that I was dead. Where else would I find these things? Layne-StaleyLayne Staley
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    I guess I can go anywhere I want. If only I knew where to go. Layne-StaleyLayne Staley
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    I sing like a lark. Layne-StaleyLayne Staley
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    I started out when I was about 12, playing drums. I started singing when I was about 15. Layne-StaleyLayne Staley
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    I was in a band when I was 15. We were a glam band. Then I couldn't afford to buy makeup. At the time that was the thing. Layne-StaleyLayne Staley
  • 13
    I wish I could just hug you all, but I'm not gonna. Layne-StaleyLayne Staley
  • 14
    I've always looked for the perfect life to step into. I've taken all the paths to get where I wanted.But no matter where I go, I still come home me. Layne-StaleyLayne Staley
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    Kurt and I weren't the closest of friends, but I knew him well enough to be devastated by his death. For such a quiet person, he was so excited about having a child. Layne-StaleyLayne Staley
  • 16
    Los Angeles, I don't like that town. Too decadent, and it's slimy. Layne-StaleyLayne Staley
  • 17
    My bad habits aren't my title. My strengths and my talent are my title. Layne-StaleyLayne Staley
  • 18
    My bed isn't made, I'm tired, I haven't slept well for two weeks. I haven't been laid in a month. I don't have a girlfriend. I have a warrant for my arrest. Layne-StaleyLayne Staley
  • 19
    One of the first bands to break out of Seattle was Heart. Layne-StaleyLayne Staley
  • 20
    Our perception of songs that we've written... the meaning changes from day to day... to whatever stage we're at in our life and careers. Layne-StaleyLayne Staley
  • 21
    People have a right to ask questions and dig deep when you're hurting people and things around you. Layne-Staley/">Layne Staley
  • 22
    The songs are about things that we were thinking and we wrote 'em down, and when you listen to 'em, whatever you think it's about... THAT'S what it's about! Layne-Staley/">Layne Staley
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    There are lasting consequences for using drugs. I'll still be paying for my prior use. Layne-Staley/">Layne Staley
  • 24
    There were a lot of drugs. We kinda just passed the time that way. For a couple of years we were all doin' anything we could get our hands on. Layne-Staley/">Layne Staley
  • 25
    There's no huge, deep message in any of the songs. We recorded a few months of being human. Layne-Staley/">Layne Staley
  • 26
    We survived a Slayer crowd every night for about 50 days and thought we could do about anything after that. Layne-Staley/">Layne Staley
  • 27
    We try to be real nice and friendly to people, but sometimes they take advantage of that. Layne-Staley/">Layne Staley
  • 28
    We write about ourselves because we know about ourselves. Layne-Staley/">Layne Staley
  • 29
    Whatever dramas are going on in my life, I always find that place inside my head where I see myself as the cleanest, tallest, strongest, wisest person that I can be. Layne-Staley/">Layne Staley
  • 30
    When everyone goes home, you're stuck with yourself. Layne-Staley/">Layne Staley