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Lee Scott
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    And what I am trying to say to them that through our ads and through our discussions is if you don't want us in your community, that's your choice, but don't say it's because of wages. Lee-ScottLee Scott
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    Because in our clippings I see a lot of articles that are very positive about all the stores that are voted by local communities. Lee-ScottLee Scott
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    Because the truth is our wages are really competitive and they're good. Lee-ScottLee Scott
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    But they are also better, our competitors are better because Wal-Mart exists. Lee-ScottLee Scott
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    Don't say it's because of benefits, because our benefits are good. Lee-ScottLee Scott
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    I think in some ways we have allowed other people to set the agenda. Other people to define who we are. Lee-ScottLee Scott
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    I would guess that any criticism about Wal-Mart could have some element of truth with 1,500,000 people. Lee-ScottLee Scott
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    If anything, the negative press and the criticism take away the opportunity to feel as good as you can feel about your employment. Lee-ScottLee Scott
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    If we take care of the customers and associates and grow the business, Wall Street will be pleased. Lee-ScottLee Scott
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    If you had all the small businesses who employed 1.5 million people collectively, would there be individual instances of issues? Lee-ScottLee Scott
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    In some ways, people forget about average working people, and how they live their lives. Lee-ScottLee Scott
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    Many of them are doing it because they are concerned about smart growth. Lee-ScottLee Scott
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    One of the things that strikes me is so many of the critics are people whose lifestyle doesn't change when the price of fuel changes, or if they keep a Wal-Mart store out of their area. Lee-ScottLee Scott
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    Or if you have one store manager that makes a bad decision, is that indicative that that is somehow what your company represents? No. Lee-ScottLee Scott
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    Our customer base is not necessarily a leader, an early adopter. Lee-ScottLee Scott
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    Our size causes us, when we do something inappropriate, which is usually done out of stupidity, to come across as being done out of arrogance. Lee-ScottLee Scott
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    People aren't going to talk about it except me and that is communication and the visits I have personally had in our meetings with our store managers saying if you do these things you will be terminated, period. Lee-ScottLee Scott
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    Retailing, it's always true that there is some items that I wish we had a lot more of like the iPod and there is some items I wish we had a lot less of. Lee-ScottLee Scott
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    The beauty of this country and what people participate in is the competitive nature that we allow to exist and the fact is that we are better because we have great competitors. Lee-ScottLee Scott
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    The customers want those Supercenters. Lee-ScottLee Scott
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    There are going to be some people who never want Wal-Mart. That's OK. Lee-Scott/">Lee Scott
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    We've got to figure out a way to cause communities to also want them, the political, organized bodies. Lee-Scott/">Lee Scott
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    Where we have been incorrect in what we have done, then I think we have an obligation to settle. Lee-Scott/">Lee Scott
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    Where we're not wrong or where the cost of settling is so much that it is totally disproportionate to the harm or the error that we made, we're not going to settle. Lee-Scott/">Lee Scott
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    You can't take a store that is a struggling store anyway and add a bunch of people and a bunch of work rules that cause you to even be in worse shape. Lee-Scott/">Lee Scott
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    You know, we opened a record number of stores last year. Lee-Scott/">Lee Scott