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Mark Thomas Quotes & Quotations
Mark Thomas
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    Maybe... there is a perfectly reasonable explanation for unlawfully detaining 120 people. Maybe they just got carried away with last year's idea of pre-emptive strikes and thought, 'Let's not wait for an actual crime to occur. Let's get the innocent. Mark-ThomasMark Thomas
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    One can only guess the amount of magic mushrooms a sane person would have to consume to believe that a frisbee constituted a genuine threat to roughly 3,000 police officers. Mark-ThomasMark Thomas
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    People either leave or they stay. Mark-ThomasMark Thomas
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    The law is immoral. Mark-ThomasMark Thomas
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    The only deadline is the one I give myself. Mark-ThomasMark Thomas
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    The whole world is out of step, apart from me. Mark-ThomasMark Thomas
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    We're quite lucky that we've got political freedoms. We should be using them. Mark-ThomasMark Thomas
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    Were British protesters, armed with little more than a frisbee and a bag of plastic toy soldiers, really in danger of being shot by the US military in Gloucestershire? Mark-ThomasMark Thomas