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Michael Bolton Quotes

Michael Bolton Quotes & Quotations
Michael Bolton
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    A lot of my success comes from black music. It's something I'm very proud of. Michael-BoltonMichael Bolton
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    Considering the amount of information we're bombarded by, it's amazing if a song can transcend time. Michael-BoltonMichael Bolton
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    Dr. King is so inspiring, so impressive, so moving as a human being. Michael-BoltonMichael Bolton
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    For years I've kept a list of dream projects. Michael-BoltonMichael Bolton
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    I have friends who've tried to break into the UK, who went back with their tails between their legs. Fortunately I've had the opposite experience. Michael-BoltonMichael Bolton
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    I have to be happy in the here and now because every time you start focusing on your legacy you're really setting yourself up for disappointment. Michael-BoltonMichael Bolton
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    I love songwriting. It's second to my love for singing in how I express myself. Michael-BoltonMichael Bolton
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    I'm proud of my mentors. Ray Charles is the strongest influence on me as a singer. Michael-BoltonMichael Bolton
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    It's a combination of melody and lyrics, not one without the other. It's a confluence of these different elements that makes something powerful. Michael-BoltonMichael Bolton
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    It's an important thing to remember where you came from. Michael-BoltonMichael Bolton
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    It's understanding the intention of a composer that allows a producer and an arranger to make those moments speak. Michael-BoltonMichael Bolton
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    No matter how great we get with digital formats of instrumentation, nothing really quite duplicates the real thing. Michael-BoltonMichael Bolton
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    Someone told me there was a publisher that could find a good home for my songs, but I didn't want to give up my pursuit of a career in the business as an artist. Michael-BoltonMichael Bolton
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    The bigger you are, the harder they come down on you. Michael-BoltonMichael Bolton
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    The Top 40 is geared toward 20 and under, not 20 and up. That's the audience I'm geared to. Michael-BoltonMichael Bolton
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    The whole industry evolves around a great song. Michael-BoltonMichael Bolton
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    There are certain people who have become better artists, but they're brilliant at marketing. I think someone who's been phenomenal like that is Madonna. Michael-BoltonMichael Bolton
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    When I started studying for the arias it was like going into training for a heavyweight title fight. Michael-BoltonMichael Bolton
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    When I was invited to sing with Pavarotti, I had about two weeks to learn Italian. Michael-BoltonMichael Bolton
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    When you have great songs that are going to live longer than the composers, everything you can do to bring those different elements and nuances out, serve the song. Michael-BoltonMichael Bolton
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    Whoever best serves the song is going to be served by the song. Michael-Bolton/">Michael Bolton
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    With the internet, things are so much more immediate. People taste-test things to see if they want to buy the CD. Michael-Bolton/">Michael Bolton
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    You can't make everybody love what you do, but you can know how great you feel doing it. Michael-Bolton/">Michael Bolton
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    You're presuming too much by using the word legacy - presuming that someone is going to care. Michael-Bolton/">Michael Bolton