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Michael Giles Quotes & Quotations
Michael Giles
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    Every generation's got to have somewhere to play. But of course I suppose the punk thing was just too ugly, and too aggressive, and too reactionary. Michael-GilesMichael Giles
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    I did quite a lot of the arranging, fitting different sections together, tempo changes, all sorts of things like that. I actually acted as a bridge between Robert and Ian. Not so much composing, rather presenting musical ideas at each rehearsal. Michael-GilesMichael Giles
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    I still don't know anything about drugs, or who takes them, or what happens. Michael-GilesMichael Giles
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    I think that what I'm interested with is the creative side of music-making, rather than all the travelling. Michael-GilesMichael Giles
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    I think we were just coming out and being ourselves, instead of operating within boundaries that other people had created. We decided to do away with those boundaries. Michael-GilesMichael Giles
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    I'm amazed at how adventurous and how dangerous the music was, and still is. I haven't heard anything like it since. I'm quite surprised, because a lot of the music on there we never heard at the time. Michael-GilesMichael Giles
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    If anything's progressive, then we make progress. Michael-GilesMichael Giles
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    Since 1981, we've had the emergence of more global music, the most popular first explorer of that area was of course Peter Gabriel. Michael-GilesMichael Giles
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    The rise of King Crimson was so fast that, to me, it felt as if it was going out of control. And it was going so fast that I couldn't keep up with what was happening. Michael-GilesMichael Giles