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Mike Love Quotes & Quotations
Mike Love
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    During meditation your metabolism and your breath rate go down to a level of rest, twice that of deep sleep. Mike-LoveMike Love
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    Every summer, my grandparents would rent a house on Balboa Island. They had the house next to Bob Hope's. I've been going down there all my life, to that whole area. Mike-LoveMike Love
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    If Frank and The Beach Boys got together and did a Super Session album, it would be a gas. Mike-LoveMike Love
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    Mankind invents things to fight about. Mike-LoveMike Love
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    The history of mankind is a history of war. Mike-LoveMike Love
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    There are different things one can do to establish and hasten the peace process. Meditation is one way. Mike-LoveMike Love
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    Without meditation, I'd probably be dead. Mike-LoveMike Love