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Mike McCready Quotes

Mike McCready Quotes & Quotations
Mike McCready
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    And watching Ed, he's really coming into his own doing some new things onstage I've never seen him do. He's really getting into it, putting 120 percent into the show. We feel comfortable and excited. Mike-McCreadyMike McCready
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    And we're always excited to expose our music to new people to see if we can have longevity and a long career. It's heading that way. Mike-McCreadyMike McCready
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    At some shows, the set list gets changed while we are on stage. I know Ed thinks about the set very hard throughout the day in order to make the best show possible for the fans and for us. Mike-McCreadyMike McCready
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    But KISS inspired me personally to pick up a guitar and go for it. Mike-McCreadyMike McCready
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    I am constantly amazed at their support over the years. Mike-McCreadyMike McCready
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    I have lived most my life with chronic inflammation and constant pain with immediate diarrhea. Mike-McCreadyMike McCready
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    I have to eat in a way that's good for me. Mike-McCreadyMike McCready
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    I love playing with Jeff. That's something I never really say in the press, but he's my favorite bass player. I've played right next to him for 10 years. Mike-McCreadyMike McCready
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    I think our relationship with Epic had run its natural course, and it happened to coincide with the fulfillment of our contract. We decided not to resign with them. Mike-McCreadyMike McCready
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    It was by design that we mostly used pictures that you could not necessarily see what was going on, and that didn't really focus in on the band, but instead focused in on a theme. Mike-McCreadyMike McCready
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    It's extremely important to have a loyal fan base and be receptive to them. Mike-McCreadyMike McCready
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    My favorite rocker is Go because it is heavy and chaotic. Mike-McCreadyMike McCready
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    Other bands gave us lip service, but when it came down to it they kind of backed off. That was a little disheartening. But I respect them. That's their business. Mike-McCreadyMike McCready
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    Some people are still not into us. That makes sense. We haven't really done a lot of press. We haven't put ourselves out there in ways that a lot of people would know we are still around. Unless you tour or record, they don't know you are around. Mike-McCreadyMike McCready
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    That's what music has always been to me: a feel. I've listened to the Stones many times and it still makes me have that feeling of joy every time. They are still around and put on a really exciting show. We also give it 120 percent. Mike-McCreadyMike McCready
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    The average life spans of many bands are not that long, up to five years if they are lucky. Mike-McCreadyMike McCready
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    There are some people who have stayed with us our whole career, which is pretty cool too. Mike-McCreadyMike McCready
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    There are some really cool video pieces out there, though - we have done some videos that I've really liked and we may do them again. Mike-McCreadyMike McCready
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    There's Eddie's conviction and his lyrics and his ideals, and he can just rock straight out. His vocals are incredible. And we all are really competent musicians. Mike-McCreadyMike McCready
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    We also take time to be away from each other to live our separate lives, which allows us to be excited when we come back together to play music. Mike-McCreadyMike McCready