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Nora Roberts Quotes & Quotations
Nora Roberts
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    Actually, I find it great fun to develop family series with lots of characters. Nora-RobertsNora Roberts
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    And each book has to receive your best effort every single time. No slacking. Nora-RobertsNora Roberts
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    Certainly the plagiarism, and dealing with the fallout of it, was the most difficult thing I've ever faced since I started writing. Nora-RobertsNora Roberts
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    Each of my characters comes from somewhere, and where they come from, good or bad, has a large part in forming who they are, and who they can become. Nora-RobertsNora Roberts
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    Every single book is a challenge. Nora-RobertsNora Roberts
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    Every writer has to figure out what works best - and often has to select and discard different tools before they find the one that fits. Nora-RobertsNora Roberts
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    First, I really believe that since writer is a term without genre, a good one should be able to write believable male and female characters. Nora-RobertsNora Roberts
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    I decided to write category romance as I'd recently discovered them, and enjoyed them. Nora-RobertsNora Roberts
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    I do indeed write on the road. My laptop goes with me everywhere. Nora-RobertsNora Roberts
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    I don't base any character on a real person, and really don't do composites either. I make them up. Nora-RobertsNora Roberts
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    I don't think you can write - at least not well - if you don't love stories, love the written word. Nora-RobertsNora Roberts
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    I find I use the Internet more and more. It's just an invaluable tool. I do most of my research on the Net now - and certainly do the bulk of my communicating through email. Nora-RobertsNora Roberts
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    I generally write a first draft that's pretty lean. Just get the story down. Nora-RobertsNora Roberts
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    I just don't depend on inspiration much. Nora-RobertsNora Roberts
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    I loved the process of writing. Nora-RobertsNora Roberts
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    I need to write to be happy. Nora-RobertsNora Roberts
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    I read a lot - and I read a variety of genres. Nora-RobertsNora Roberts
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    I would hope that my writing's cleaner than it was when I started. Nora-RobertsNora Roberts
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    I'd always loved to read - and come from a family of readers - but I never thought about writing as a career. Nora-RobertsNora Roberts
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    I've gotten to know a number of readers from being online, and really treasure the time I've spent with them. Nora-RobertsNora Roberts
  • 21
    I've never felt category is restrictive. Nora-Roberts/">Nora Roberts
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    If a book's moving well, or I was interrupted over six million times through the day, I'll usually go back and write for another hour or two. Nora-Roberts/">Nora Roberts
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    If you write in category, you write knowing there's a framework, there are reader expectations. Nora-Roberts/">Nora Roberts
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    In the summer of '80, Silhouette bought my first book. Nora-Roberts/">Nora Roberts
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    Mary Stewart will always be my goddess. I can pick up one of her early books - one I've read a dozen times - and still slide right into the story. Nora-Roberts/">Nora Roberts
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    My own sense of family, where I came from and what I made for myself is an important part of my life. Nora-Roberts/">Nora Roberts
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    Now, I'll say this. I've never taking a course on writing. I've never read a book on writing. This isn't something that would work for me. Nora-Roberts/">Nora Roberts
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    One of my greatest pleasures is falling into a story someone else has written. Nora-Roberts/">Nora Roberts
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    The most important aspect of any story, to me, is character. Nora-Roberts/">Nora Roberts
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    What I write deals with relationships, with making families. It just follows that I would often write about family and what it means. Nora-Roberts/">Nora Roberts