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Peter Gay
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    And my interest in history was, and remains, very strong: what I wanted was to understand certain things better by understanding them psychoanalytically. Peter-GayPeter Gay
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    Every historian has informally an anthropology, without ever using the word. Peter-GayPeter Gay
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    I decided that what I really wanted to do was to make my writing in history deeper, if that's the right word to use. And that is what I did. Peter-GayPeter Gay
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    My assumption is that fundamentally the picture of the human animal, as developed by Freud, is largely right. Peter-GayPeter Gay
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    My definition of modernism took a while to develop. Peter-GayPeter Gay
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    People seem to forget that one reason they are now thinking differently is Freud's legacy itself. Peter-GayPeter Gay
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    There is something very intriguing about, for example, the sense of accomplishment that a small child has, which you might be able to reduce to aggression and libido, but which might also have some independent existence. Peter-GayPeter Gay
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    To have a liberal temperament is a kind of psychological boon, To be able to understand that someone you disagree with is not just a terrible creature but somebody with whom you disagree. Peter-GayPeter Gay
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    What interests me, and has always interested me, has been modernism. Peter-GayPeter Gay