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Robert Greenwald
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    Earl and I are part of a new entity, 'Public Interest Pictures,' designed to use filmmaking skills to bring this message to a larger public. Robert-GreenwaldRobert Greenwald
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    I do think that we are facing a crisis in our democracy. As true patriots, each and every one of us has to speak up, speak out, and change those in charge. Our democracy depends upon it. Robert-GreenwaldRobert Greenwald
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    If people take the film and screen it whenever possible for their social and professional networks, we can continue to make a difference. It is one more element we have to use in the ongoing effort to take back our country. Robert-GreenwaldRobert Greenwald
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    O'Reilly continues to hide behind his microphone. Robert-GreenwaldRobert Greenwald
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    Our goal isn't to close Wal-Mart down. It is to make it a better, more humane company toward its employees and the communities it is in. Robert-GreenwaldRobert Greenwald
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    Over and over again-in the movie, I have nine different people who have worked for Fox News network who have come forward and talked on camera, three of them anonymously, by the way. Robert-GreenwaldRobert Greenwald
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    Those are just some of the people whom we interviewed in the documentary, but that should provide you with a good sense of the credibility of the individuals who bolster the case that this administration lied us into a war. Robert-GreenwaldRobert Greenwald
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    You're talking to somebody who two years ago couldn't figure out how to use e-mail and who now has carpal tunnel. It has totally changed in that these films would not be getting out to people the way they're getting out without the Internet. Robert-GreenwaldRobert Greenwald