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Russ Feingold Quotes

Russ Feingold Quotes & Quotations
Russ Feingold
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    Health care for all Americans is the most pressing domestic issue today. It's far past time for the President and Congress to deliver health care to everyone. Russ-FeingoldRuss Feingold
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    I don't want to hear again from the attorney general or anyone on this floor that this government has shown it can be trusted to use the power we give it with restraint and care. Russ-FeingoldRuss Feingold
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    If a trip is worth taking, members of Congress should be prepared to justify paying for it out of their office accounts. Russ-FeingoldRuss Feingold
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    It is not only all right but necessary to stand up to George Bush. Russ-FeingoldRuss Feingold
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    The administration has a disturbing pattern of behavior when it comes to budgeting not only for the ongoing operations in Iraq and Afghanistan but also for military requirements not directly related to these conflicts. Russ-FeingoldRuss Feingold
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    This has not been a legislative process worthy of the Senate. Members of the Judiciary Committee, as I just said, were implored to save their amendments for the floor. Then, when we got here, we were told no amendments could be accepted. Russ-FeingoldRuss Feingold
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    Unfair trade agreements, passed by both Republicans and Democrats, have sent millions of jobs to other countries. We need to stop this hemorrhaging and find ways for American workers to compete in the new market. Russ-FeingoldRuss Feingold
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    We should not use special budget procedures to jam through legislation to drill in the Arctic Refuge. This topic is too important to the public to address it in such a back-door manner. We should be having a full, open discussion of the issue during an energy debate. Russ-FeingoldRuss Feingold
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    What is the harm of doing the right thing? What is the harm of doing our job as legislators and making sure we do not stick the entire bankruptcy community with these provisions that do not make any sense? Russ-FeingoldRuss Feingold