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Scotty Moore
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    I'm real proud of the fact that I believe that whatever kind of music a person likes, I believe he'll find at least one cut on there to really enjoy. Scotty-MooreScotty Moore
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    It was way out in the woods in a beautiful, huge log studio. Keith Richards came in and did the vocals with Levon. Again, a big party, but we did get a good cut out of it. Scotty-MooreScotty Moore
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    There's nothing definite yet. Of course, any time you have a book, there's going to be book signings and stuff. We'll do bookstores that handle both audio and video. And some of the stores want to have the CDs available at the same time. So that part looks real good. Scotty-MooreScotty Moore
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    We were fortunate to be there a day or two before "the big bang" and then we got the heck out of town. Scotty-MooreScotty Moore