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Sean William Scott Quotes

Sean William Scott Quotes & Quotations
Sean William Scott
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    A lot of the stuff that I've done is just really broad comedy and the characters are not that bright. Obviously with the 'American Pie' films and 'Road Trip,' my guys were kind of dicks. These guys in 'Dukes' are good guys. Sean-William-ScottSean William Scott
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    Ever since the first 'American Pie,' I've always been happy to just have an opportunity, I just didn't think it was going to be with comedies. Now I really like it. Sean-William-ScottSean William Scott
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    I don't really necessarily think I'm a funny guy, but I like the opportunity to take on something that I don't feel I'm the best at doing. Sean-William-ScottSean William Scott
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    I don't think I had a Catherine Bach poster, but I know a lot of my friends desecrated those, big time. Sean-William-ScottSean William Scott
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    I had actually, at that point, been working with a guy back in L.A. just training with a car; not the General Lee, but other cars. Sean-William-ScottSean William Scott
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    I think he's much funnier in many ways than some of the things that I've done. Because it's a little bit more layered. He's constantly trying to teach Luke what he thinks are really deep philosophical ideas, but they're really simple. Sean-William-ScottSean William Scott
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    I think it's amazing to see this action with a car that everybody's so familiar with, in the backwoods and on dirt roads and stuff. Sean-William-ScottSean William Scott
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    I thought it could make a really cool movie set in the South about this family. People are really familiar with these characters. Sean-William-ScottSean William Scott
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    I thought it would be a lot of fun and I wasn't going to do the movie without Johnny. The studio suggested a couple people, and I'd never met Johnny, but I thought we'd be a perfect team for this movie because we're both a little bit unpredictable. Sean-William-ScottSean William Scott
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    So the first thing that I thought about was, 'How is this car going to handle?' But then after I'd been driving with it and practicing with it and I accomplished that, then I just kind of sat back. Sean-William-ScottSean William Scott
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    We don't have any CGI with any of the car stuff. I think it's a real experience when you see this car going through really fast really wild and you see me driving a lot of the times and also a big chase in downtown Atlanta. It's just incredible. Sean-William-ScottSean William Scott
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    We have the best driver in the world in drifting and best guy in rally racing and stuff like that. So obviously there's a lot of stuff that I didn't do, but there's a lot of really incredible things that I don't think we've ever seen an actor do. Sean-William-ScottSean William Scott