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Shelley Berkley Quotes

Shelley Berkley Quotes & Quotations
Shelley Berkley
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    For the Department of Energy to conduct this investigation is like the fox watching the hen house. Shelley-BerkleyShelley Berkley
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    I cannot understand for the life of me why DOE is going forward with this licensing procedure when we do not know whether or not the scientific documentation upon which you are basing your decisions is, in fact, flawed. Shelley-BerkleyShelley Berkley
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    Not only is privatizing Social Security not the solution to Social Security, it would exacerbate the problem. Shelley-BerkleyShelley Berkley
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    There is such a desire to give everybody a piece, we're probably wasting a great deal of homeland security money trying to be politically correct, when we really need to make sure that our cities get the money they need. Shelley-BerkleyShelley Berkley