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Stafford Cripps Quotes

Stafford Cripps Quotes & Quotations
Stafford Cripps
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    Apart altogether from our own vital interests, we cannot and must not desert those other nations who have already gone through so much tragedy and suffering to defeat the evil designs of the Axis powers. Stafford-CrippsStafford Cripps
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    Gandhi has asked that the British Government should walk out of India and leave the Indian people to settle differences among themselves, even if it means chaos and confusion. Stafford-CrippsStafford Cripps
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    Gandhi has more recently recognized the need for continuance of British, American and Chinese efforts in India and has suggested that these troops might remain by agreement with some new Indian Government. Stafford-CrippsStafford Cripps
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    India has indeed a great and free future before her, in which she can make her special contribution to the well-being of mankind. The first and indispensable part of that contribution is to work with the United Nations for the defeat of fascism and of brutal aggression. Stafford-CrippsStafford Cripps
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    It is not yet too late for the Indian people to decide on rapid, ordered progress. I can assure them that the British people are as determined upon self-government for India as they are themselves. Stafford-CrippsStafford Cripps
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    No one will expect the British Government or the Government of India to give way to threats of violence, disorder and chaos; and, indeed, representatives of large sections of Indian opinion have expressly warned us that we must not do so. Stafford-CrippsStafford Cripps
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    Productive power is the foundation of a country's economic strength. Stafford-CrippsStafford Cripps
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    Reasoned arguments and suggestions which make allowance for the full difficulties of the state of war that exists may help, and will always be listened to with respect and sympathy. Stafford-CrippsStafford Cripps
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    We have pledged ourselves, and of this the United Nations of the world are witness, to give the fullest opportunity for attainment of self-government by India as soon as hostilities are over. I repeat that that is beyond doubt. Stafford-CrippsStafford Cripps