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Steve Blake
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    Globalisation, which benefits only multi-national companies and takes away all sense of local or national pride and identity, is the biggest threat facing all the member states of the EU. Steve-BlakeSteve Blake
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    I am a passionate believer that Britain has benefited the whole world and that our heritage, our culture, our values and more importantly our people who created those things, are worth fighting for. Steve-BlakeSteve Blake
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    I fell in love with Scotland and made good friends here, so I stayed after graduating with Honours in Chemistry. Steve-BlakeSteve Blake
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    I was born and brought up in Suffolk and was one of the final intake of my generation to benefit from a grammar school education in Ipswich. Steve-BlakeSteve Blake
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    I'm often surprised by the level of media interest in us but I'm told that they find us interesting because we are different, even controversial. Steve-BlakeSteve Blake
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    Our real identity is one which appeals to the traditional families, hard-working young couples, the pensioners and students of Britain. Steve-BlakeSteve Blake
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    The significance and influence of just one BNP councillor is far in excess of the council powers such an elected figure can, in reality, command. Steve-BlakeSteve Blake
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    Today a racist is synonymous with race hatred. Hating someone is a pretty unpleasant thing and few people are capable of hating others. Long-term hatred is a pathological disorder. Steve-BlakeSteve Blake
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    We are on the outside of that cosy little set-up and they simply don't like the idea that we are in a potentially winning position. Steve-BlakeSteve Blake
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    We embrace policies that have, first and foremost, the continued survival of the British people at their core, and in that respect I think we are beyond left and right. Steve-BlakeSteve Blake
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    We have to withdraw from this undemocratic institution and ensure that these people no longer have any influence on British affairs. We would like to see other European nations do the same thing. I think that will happen. Steve-BlakeSteve Blake
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    We have weeded out the deadwood and set about to deal with the internal issues that in the past led to faction building and damaging splits. Steve-BlakeSteve Blake