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Susan Olsen Quotes

Susan Olsen Quotes & Quotations
Susan Olsen
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    As a child, I was always playing some generic child. Susan-OlsenSusan Olsen
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    As a little kid, I suppose I was a little weird. Susan-OlsenSusan Olsen
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    I promise that if someone offers me a job doing something for children, I'll do it! But until then, stick to reruns of the Brady Bunch. Susan-OlsenSusan Olsen
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    I was always an Olsen. I never thought of myself as a Brady. I never actually wanted to be a Brady. I always preferred my own family to the Bradys. Susan-OlsenSusan Olsen
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    I'm not really an actress type. I'm an entertainer. Susan-OlsenSusan Olsen
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    If you were a kid actor, if you had any plans of being an actor as an adult, you were really barking up the wrong tree. Susan-OlsenSusan Olsen
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    In a way I guess I'd be a bad judge of what it was like because it just seemed perfectly normal to me. Susan-OlsenSusan Olsen
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    Thank you for making a web site for me. I was so surprised when I found it. Susan-OlsenSusan Olsen
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    These days kids get paid enough that they probably don't need to work too much. The problem is when the person is old enough that they need to work to make a living, and the only thing that they know how to do is what they are already washed up in. Susan-OlsenSusan Olsen
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    You're looking at a different me than I'm looking at. Susan-OlsenSusan Olsen