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Tim Cahill Quotes

Tim Cahill Quotes & Quotations
Tim Cahill
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    A word of advice: a person's journal is the raw material. A story is made from these events. Use the journal to craft the story. Tim-CahillTim Cahill
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    I am living out my adolescent dream of travel and adventure. Tim-CahillTim Cahill
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    I wanted to be a writer from my early teenage years, but I never told anyone. Writers, in my opinion, were god-like creatures, and to say I was striving to be a writer would be incredibly arrogant. Tim-CahillTim Cahill
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    In my house, it is always a scramble from paycheck to paycheck. Tim-CahillTim Cahill
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    Mystery is a resource, like coal or gold, and its preservation is a fine thing. Tim-CahillTim Cahill
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    Publishing your work is important. Even if you are giving a piece to some smaller publication for free, you will learn something about your writing. The editor will say something, friends will mention it. You will learn. Tim-CahillTim Cahill
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    The travel is difficult on your relationships with loved ones, unless they are coming along with you, which may not be possible. Tim-CahillTim Cahill
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    The way one approaches a wilderness story is to fashion a quest - find something that you are truly interested in finding or discovering. Tim-CahillTim Cahill
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    You have to first be a writer and somebody who loves to write. If I couldn't travel, I would still write. Tim-CahillTim Cahill