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Timothy Murphy Quotes

Timothy Murphy Quotes & Quotations
Timothy Murphy
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    A system of cameras and censors are used along the border and interior to help detect the movement of illegal immigrants crossing through the dense brush. Timothy-MurphyTimothy Murphy
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    Amnesty is not the answer as it will only encourage more illegal immigrants to enter. Timothy-MurphyTimothy Murphy
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    As a person who has spent my career as a child psychologist and have dealt with many children who have struggled with many problems in families, I have seen families ripped apart by so many things that sometimes law has tried to deal with. Timothy-MurphyTimothy Murphy
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    Drug smugglers often use juveniles to carry their shipments into the U.S. because they know the juveniles will not be prosecuted if caught. Timothy-MurphyTimothy Murphy
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    Healthcare providers will compete to offer the best record of patient safety at the lowest prices. Hospitals and patients will benefit from having accurate information about areas of excellence and areas that must be improved. Timothy-MurphyTimothy Murphy
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    If one of us, any of us, any American is traveling in a town somewhere in America and a medical crisis hits them, for someone who is diabetic or perhaps has heart disease or some other problems, where do we get the records to determine what to do? Timothy-MurphyTimothy Murphy
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    Illegal immigration is crisis for our country. It is an open door for drugs, criminals, and potential terrorists to enter our country. It is straining our economy, adding costs to our judicial, healthcare, and education systems. Timothy-MurphyTimothy Murphy
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    Instead, I think over the years we have cut the strength of marriage and relationships by the law and weakened the institution. We have tried to deal with relationships with no-fault divorce, with child custody, with so many other avenues; and it has not helped. Timothy-MurphyTimothy Murphy
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    Our border patrol does a great job under these very dangerous conditions. They use very sophisticated equipment, including gamma rays, to detect drugs and illegal immigrants as they enter the U.S. Timothy-MurphyTimothy Murphy
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    Our enemy is motivated by hatred and will not stop planning more plots against until they are ultimately defeated. Today was an important and necessary victory in the war, but there is a long road ahead. We must remain committed if we are to succeed and protect our liberty. Timothy-MurphyTimothy Murphy
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    Providing patients and consumers with solid information on the cost and quality of their healthcare options can literally make the difference between life or death; and play a decisive role in whether a family or employer can afford healthcare. Timothy-MurphyTimothy Murphy
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    Rather than improving the wealth of their own nation, the Mexican government encourages its poor to come to the U.S. and send money home. Timothy-MurphyTimothy Murphy
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    Since September 11, the U.S. has significantly improved its security to prevent another attack. Timothy-MurphyTimothy Murphy
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    The best doctors and the best hospitals in America, if they cannot get the patient information they need when they need it, it can lead to morbid consequences: Higher mortality. Timothy-MurphyTimothy Murphy
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    The current medical records system is this: Room after room after room in a hospital filled with paper files. Timothy-MurphyTimothy Murphy
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    The technology used to detect if vehicles are carrying radioactive material is so sensitive it can tell if a person recently received radiation as part of a medical procedure. Timothy-MurphyTimothy Murphy
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    We must safely secure our border by investing in more law enforcement and technology, and receiving cooperation from the Mexican government. Timothy-MurphyTimothy Murphy
  • 18
    What I do say is, yes, children may be resilient and they have been able to deal with all sorts of difficulties they have faced, but the bottom line is this: I believe very strongly children need a mother and a father in the home. Timothy-MurphyTimothy Murphy