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Tom Udall
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    As a part of preparing those lawsuits, learning about those lawsuits, I learned about the various nuclear issues in parts of the nuclear production process I guess you'd say. Tom-UdallTom Udall
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    Encouraging underground uranium mining on the Colorado Plateau um, the federal government was the only purchaser of uranium ore to try to manufacture uh, atomic bombs. Tom-UdallTom Udall
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    I don't think that's the correct position but that is their position and it could be, depending on what a judge decides, it could go either way. Tom-UdallTom Udall
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    It's a national concern, I mean how we dispose of nuclear waste in a safe way, how we deal with this incredible amount of nuclear waste we have created over the years. Tom-UdallTom Udall
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    One of the parts of this that I studied over in France when I went over on a governmental exchange, and I studied the whole nuclear waste issue. Tom-UdallTom Udall
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    The, the, today the injunction is still in place. Uh, many of the issues that were still a part of those hearings in 1991 are still at issue. Tom-UdallTom Udall
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    They rushed to move it forward, uh, and then a lawsuit was filed and we spent many months litigating, rather than trying to come up with legislation and move forward on that front. Tom-UdallTom Udall
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    Well the appeals happening because we believe the certification process uh, hasn't worked out the way it should, that there hasn't been substantial evidence to support their certification. Tom-UdallTom Udall
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    Well, I probably, I guess first became aware of the whole, what I call the nuclear complex or weapons work those kinds of things, right out of law school. Tom-UdallTom Udall