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Vanessa Kerry
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    I think my dad is this great, wonderful... man with a lot of integrity, who is fighting for things he believes in and is serious in what he wants to see happen and serious in helping people. Vanessa-KerryVanessa Kerry
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    I think that standing onstage on January 19th, and my father had just defied all expectations and won Iowa, was by far the most surreal moment. Vanessa-KerryVanessa Kerry
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    I think there is a generation gap. I personally look forward to, as our generation becomes the leaders, you are gonna see a change, and I think hopefully gay marriage will be a part of that country. Vanessa-KerryVanessa Kerry
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    It was definitely a part of our life. I mean, my mom had both her brothers and her fiancee in Vietnam at the same time, so it wasn't just my dad's story, it was my mom's story too. And we definitely grew up listening to the stories. Vanessa-KerryVanessa Kerry
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    It wasn't until two or three years ago that I actually learned that in the end he actually did kill someone. But that was a choice that he faced: to kill or be killed. Vanessa-KerryVanessa Kerry
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    The dinner table is a lively debate, and everybody weighs in in a different way. I like that, though. Vanessa-KerryVanessa Kerry
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    We don't necessarily always agree, but hopefully we make each other think, and that's what matters. Vanessa-KerryVanessa Kerry
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    You're blinded by lights and you see all these people who come out, and it's exciting. It's scary and it's exciting all rolled into one. Vanessa-KerryVanessa Kerry