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Vanilla Ice Quotes & Quotations
Vanilla Ice
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    Honestly, a lot of people thought that I was on top of the world selling so many millions of records, and that this is the life that everybody would want, but I never got to enjoy any of my success. Vanilla-IceVanilla Ice
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    I didn't end up going bankrupt... I made some great investments and I held on to my money, which also enables me to have the freedom to do what I want now. But it's not about finances. No matter what, it's about keeping it real. Vanilla-IceVanilla Ice
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    I got caught up on drugs for a few years, I'm off it, I'm very happy, got two kids and a family and everything. And like I said I'm making the underground music, and keeping it real. Vanilla-IceVanilla Ice
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    I just kept it real and had the freedom to do what I want. It's not designed for any age group. It's not made for radio. There are no edits. The whole album contains explicit lyrics but that's because you need it. Vanilla-IceVanilla Ice
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    I use the music to vent, and a lot of the stuff that I am writing about or was writing about contained a lot of anger and anxiety, stress and depression, so that's how the album came out so dark. Vanilla-IceVanilla Ice
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    I used the music kind of as therapy, and it's just amazing that I feel so free after doing that. I feel like I had it trapped inside of me and now I feel free. So it's been a very good therapy session for me as well. Vanilla-IceVanilla Ice
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    Nobody knew the direction of the album until the very end. It was really amazing because we had no idea what we were going to come up with. Vanilla-IceVanilla Ice
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    Shows have been sold out. It's overwhelming, you know. I had no idea what to expect with this new sound and everything and just to see so many people just come out and embrace it, it's overwhelming. Vanilla-IceVanilla Ice
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    With radio limitations as far as length of songs and content, sometimes if you are being conscious of that then that effects the outcome of a song. Vanilla-IceVanilla Ice