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Walter Kohn Quotes

Walter Kohn Quotes & Quotations
Walter Kohn
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    For the summer of 1949, I got a job in the Polaroid laboratory in Cambridge, Mass., just before the Polaroid camera made its public appearance. Walter-KohnWalter Kohn
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    I have just joined the Board of the Population Institute because I am convinced that early stabilization of the world's population is important for the attainment of this objective. Walter-KohnWalter Kohn
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    I was born in 1923 into a middle class Jewish family in Vienna, a few years after the end of World War I, which was disastrous from the Austrian point of view. Walter-KohnWalter Kohn
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    I was fortunate to find an extraordinary mathematics and applied mathematics program in Toronto. Walter-KohnWalter Kohn
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    In particular, I established a reasonably accurate energy threshold for permanent displacement of a nucleus from its regular lattice position, substantially smaller than had been previously presumed. Walter-KohnWalter Kohn
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    My commitment to a humane and peaceful world continues to this day. Walter-KohnWalter Kohn
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    My father, who had lost a brother, fighting on the Austrian side in World War I, was a committed pacifist. Walter-KohnWalter Kohn
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    My project was radiation damage of Si and Ge by energetic electrons, critical for the use of the recently developed semiconductor devices for applications in outer space. Walter-KohnWalter Kohn
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    On another level, I want to mention that I have a strong Jewish identity and - over the years - have been involved in several Jewish projects, such as the establishment of a strong program of Judaic Studies at the University of California in San Diego. Walter-KohnWalter Kohn