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Wayne White Quotes

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    Almost all Iraqis with any previous experience in the intelligence business are Sunni Arab, increasing the risk of penetration of the new intelligence apparatus by the insurgency. Wayne-WhiteWayne White
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    But nobody predicted anything of this magnitude in terms of resistance. And in part, the magnitude of the resistance was spurred by our failures in reconstruction. Wayne-WhiteWayne White
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    I don't like the idea of busing children all over the country. It's not safe. And there doesn't seem to be that much of an urgent need for it to be done. Wayne-WhiteWayne White
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    If they make the deadline because the Shiites and Kurds essentially rammed a draft through over Sunni Arab objections, there will be hell to pay. Wayne-WhiteWayne White
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    Some of these bulls are gonna' spin those cowboys so fast, they'll look like a frog in a blender. Wayne-WhiteWayne White
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    The whole purpose of those attacks was to drive those contractors out. Lots of them had to leave. They were terrified. Wayne-WhiteWayne White