How to Generate Ideas for Info-products?

Dear friends the current study shows that there are morethan 50,000,000 registered domain names on the Internet(approx.)(Reference if we eliminate 30% non-commercial sites we are left with35,000,000 sites. All these are trying to sell everythingfrom safety pins to space ships.

This clearly states the current state of the commercialInternet, which is full of competition. So howdo you survive in this tough competition? There is acommon saying that in nature "survival of the fittest"works as a rule.

Now it is time to reconsider this definition of being"fit". Let's look at it this way. Internet is a placewhere people have started looking for "solutions" rather than mere information. All sorts of products in the form of eBooks, CD's, white papers, journals are availableas "instant downloads" in a few minutes.

The product categories range from solving personal problemssuch as relationships, dating, health issues etc, Businesssolutions, hobbies, travel.

But real problem is how YOU can tap into this huge marketand become financially secure?

The answer is creativity. Creativity is what makes thingseasy. But unfortunately many people think that creativethinking is as hard as climbing "Mount Everest".

But here is good news. Recent study in psychology showsthat creativity is a habit just like all other habits.Just look at yourself how easily you can walk, talk, laugh,run, cry, hold thing with your hands, write, read...How?because these have become a habit by now.

Same is true with creativity. When you tech your mind tothink creatively what you get is an attitude which willnever settle for cheap quality work.

It is far more better working creatively for 15 minutes daily than wasting 4 hours creating cheap quality work. Buthow do you develop a creative mind?

I will show you an example here to make it clear. Let's selecta theme and expand it. I select "Photography" as a theme.When I read the word "photography" I instantly rememberfollowing words.

"Digital photography, cameras, camera lenses, photographyfilms, various equipments, learning photography, locations,lighting effects, outdoor vs. indoor phitography, nature,nude, wild life, sports, close-ups, industrial photography,special effects, use of computers , and much more..."

Here you will see that I have expanded the word "photography"in the form of "keywords" which any search engine willrecognize. So finding information on these topics forresearch becomes much easier now and saves time. Each of theparticular keyword above can be again expanded to form an entire ebook or info-product.

On top of this, keyword research tools on the Internet can be used very effectively. Some of these tools are available,, (prisma)

Next you can compare the list you have generated with the listwhich these online tools generate. Minor editing will give youa final list of topics to be converted into an info-product.

Once you get this habit of fractionating any given topic into"keywords" many new streams of ideas emerge, which can be used as raw material for further study. Analyzing any themein this way will definitely give rise to alternative waysof presenting the same information in various forms.

What does this mean?

When you are ready with the final bunch of chapters, you canconvert that in an eBook, CD, an entire website, a freeeCourse sent via autoresponder, each chapter can be individuallytreated as an article etc. Just fine-tune your lessonsfor your own product or someone else's product if you arean affiliate and you can earn money with this.

That's enough for now. I hope this help as a starting pointto start generating ideas for info-products.

Copyright Shrinivas Vaidya

Finally here is an eBook "Creative Product Creation" whichshows you in many different ways, how to generate ideas fora best-seller info-product in 30 minutes flat. Grab your owncopy for an introductory low price TODAY. Visit more information.

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