6 Ways to Toot Your Own Writing Horn

You know you've got writing talent. Others enjoy your work and you've even sold a few things. You'd like to turn that writing talent into full-time freelancing but you don't enough clients yet. You need to toot your own horn!

The problem is that we writers often aren't very good at telling others how wonderful we are and how well we write. We'd much rather be writing than marketing ourselves, but market we must.

These six actions are relatively painless, and they work:

1. Get a business card that says you're a writer. You can get 250 premium quality, color business cards FREE from VistaPrint. Try some titles like this:

Anne Wayman

Freelance Writer or

John Smith

Technical Writer

or even:

Anne Wayman


Make sure your phone number, email address and website are also on the card.

2. Use your business card! They do no good sitting in a box on the shelf or tucked away in your wallet.

Make sure you have some every time you leave the house, and don't hesitate to hand them out.

Leave them with your tip at restaurants. Hand out one or two when someone asks you what you do. Give them to the bank teller and when you pay for purchases at a store.

You can also stick them in invoices, when you're paying your bills and even to post on likely bulletin boards around town. If your day job requires the use of a card, hand out both. You simply never know who needs a writer or knows someone who needs a writer.

3. Make sure your email signature either links to your website and/or says you're a writer. It doesn't have to be fancy. In fact it's better if you keep it to three or four lines, but make sure it's on every single email. I've gotten good paying jobs because of my email signature.

4. Get your own website with your own domain name! See Do You Need a Web Site? for more details.

5. Your business account checks should say that you're a writer - usually under your name. Every time you pay a bill, you're also sending out a mini-ad.

6. Speak up! When someone asks you what you do, tell them you're a writer, even if writing isn't yet your main source of income. The more comfortable you are saying "I'm a writer," the more likely you are to stumble into some business, so practice.

Although there is a great deal more you can do to market yourself, these basics will accomplish at least two important things:

* You'll get used to thinking of yourself as a writer, and,

* The world will begin to think of you as a writer

So get out there, and toot your own horn, again and again. It's magic.

Write well and often!

Anne Wayman, Writer, Writing Coach, Ghostwriter

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